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Bright lights raise money

A mother and daughter pair from Colyton have raised over $3000 for local charity, rosie’s Place, through a very bright initiative.

Last year Nepean News spoke to Sharon and ebony Peach, two community minded small business people, who set out to raise money through the use of their very bright and wonderfully luminescent Christmas lights.

Across a number of weeks the pair managed to raise more than $3000 for local children’s charity, Rosie’s Place, thanks to their some 350,000 Christmas lights.

Josene Perri, the Administration manager at Rosie’s Place, said people like Sharon and ebony help bridge their widening funding gaps.

“Funding is always an issue for us so people like Sharon and ebony are amazing. We’re so thankful for their support,” Ms Perri said.

The funds raised by Sharon and ebony will go into the production of a special children’s booklet published by Rosie’s Place.

“We have a booklet called, Popcorns and Jellybeans, it is a children’s activity booklet. It is about empowering kids and getting them to look at themselves in a positive way.

“We want to help children recognise their hopes and dreams,” Ms Perri said.

The booklet will pay tribute to Sharon and Ebony’s contributions to Rosie’s Place with a special mention inside.

“In the front we’re going to thank the efforts put in by Sharon and Ebony and their tireless contributions,” she said.

Sharon Peach said she chose Rosie’s Place as her charity of choice because “it holds a special place in our heart”.

Rosie’s Place focuses on helping children and teenagers who’ve been the subject of different forms of violence and trauma. They’ve been operating in western Sydney for the last 30 years.

Each Christmas Sharon and ebony work together to raise money for rosie’s Place through their brilliant Christmas light installations. Last year ebony told us it took her nearly six weeks to set up all the lights.

In 2016 the pair’s display went viral after ebony shared their handy work on social media.

After Sharon and ebony handed over their raised funds, Sharon gave us a little insight into their 2017 Christmas set up.

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