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  • Keegan Thomson

Christmas lights shining bright

WITH more than a quarter of a million christmas lights decorating the house at 12 Carpenter street, Colyton it is clear that Sharon Peach and her daughter Ebony have the brightest house in the west.

The pair started their annual Christmas light caper a few years ago after they decided they wouldn’t put in a half effort.

“We started with a few little lights and then I decided we needed to do better,” Ms Peach said. “I can’t do it half heartedly, it’s either be the best around or don’t even bother at all,” she laughed.

Working for eight long weeks leading up to Christmas the pair worked together putting up the 350,000 odd Christmas lights. Sharon’s 15-year- old daughter Ebony said a lot of hard work and commitment goes into the display.

“We’re spending at least seven hours a day across an eight week period putting up these lights,” Ebony said. “It is a lot of hard work.”

With all the work and hours involved Ebony joked saying she, “doesn’t even like Christmas time that much” and admitted that her family doesn’t even put up their Christmas tree until Christmas Eve because they’re so busy.

But Ms Peach gave Ebony all the credit for the detailed design of the Christmas light installation and the increased public awareness of this year’s display.

“She’s the brains of it all. She’s a wiz on the computer and she’ll whip up a poster for the lights or for our business,” Ms Peach said.

Each year the pair work to raise money for local children’s charity Rosie’s Place.

“Last year we raised $1,200 for Rosie’s Place but this year we’re on track to raise over $2,000,” she said.

On top of it all the mother and daughter pair also work together in the kitchen running Sharon’s Superb Slices, a small business selling cakes and baked goods.

“It is a crazy time of year and I reckon we get maybe five hours sleep a night at the moment,” Ms Peach said.

“We’ve got Christmas lights running all night long and in the day we’re baking in the kitchen running Christmas orders and making cakes for our nightly cake stall.”

The lights at 12 Carpenter street, Colyton will be on each night leading up to Christmas. Sharon’s Superb Slices will be selling cakes and there will be a donation bucket with all donations going to Rosie’s Place. Lights will be on from around 8:00.

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