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  • Keegan Thomson

A day in the life of... Santa Claus

CHRISTMAS is known as the most wonderful time of the year thanks to all the gift giving, partying and the summer

holidays but for one man Christmas is the business end of the year.

Santa Claus, also know as Jolly ol’ Saint nick or Kris Kringle, is one of the hardest working blokes around, and one of the hardest working people this reporter has ever interviewed. He has the mammoth task of single-handedly distributing some seven-billion odd presents across the globe between the late hours of Christmas eve and the early hours of Christmas morning.

Speaking to us exclusively Mr Claus said the most important part of his job is the teamwork.

“Behind every present and gift for every girl and boy across the world there is a whole team of elves who help make sure the delivery will happen on time,” Mr Claus said. “It really is a big team effort.”

“A sleigh is only as fast as those pulling it and without my great team of reindeers I wouldn’t be able to make it all the way around the world in time for Christmas morning,” he said.

Basing himself out of the north Pole, Santa Claus is not only the chief-deliverer of Christmas presents world- wide but he is also the head-honcho of the north Pole toy workshop.

“Toys are my hobby but gifting them to good boys and girls across the world on Christmas day is my passion,” he said. “Not everyone gets to work in a job that is their passion so I guess I’m very lucky.”

Across the year Mr Claus will spend most of his time on the north Pole overlooking the toy production and making preparations for Christmas but he said there are a number of other jobs which need to be done on the lead up to december 25.

“Something that takes up a lot of my time is the naughty and nice list,” he said. “It can take a lot of time to check it twice so that I can make sure I’m able to gift all the good children of the world the right presents.”

Other things Santa Claus does across a year will include reindeer grooming, baking Christmas treats, visiting children across the world and a lot of letter reading.

“Throughout the year I might receive maybe two to three million letters from all corners of the world in hundreds of different languages,” Mr Claus said. “I need to read them all so I can get some idea as to what presents children are wishing for come Christmas time.”

Mr Claus said one of the best parts of his job is all the travelling he does. “Not many people can say they get to visit every country in the world at least once a year,” he chuckled. “It is a real blessing to be able to say that I’ve met children from all side of the globe.”

Out of all the children he’s met, Mr Claus said some of the best behaved and well mannered children come from western Sydney.

“For me there is always a special place in my heart for the children of western Sydney,” he said with a rosy grin on his face. “They’re always first in my good list and they always leave the best treats and biscuits out for me.”

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