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The politicians are not happy

SYDNEY’s second airport at Badgerys Creek has been given the green light from the Turnbull government but there are plenty of politicians across western Sydney who’re expressing their concerns over the handling of the process.

Speaking on behalf of the Blacktown city council, mayor Stephen Bali said the federal government has the same ethics as a shonky developer.

“Approving an airport environmental impact statement without flight paths is like approving a house without a roof,” mayor Bali said.

Last week the government announced they were approving the environmental impact statement (EIS) with some 40 restricting being place on the construction and operation of the airport. These restrictions are aimed at protecting local flora and fauna, sacred Aboriginal sites and ensuring the 24 hour operations of the airport will not impact the local communities.

Mayor Bali says there is still more that can be done.

“The noise from 24-hour-a-day airport operation will cause sleep interruption for many people and the road traffic associated with the proposed airport will create unacceptable levels of pollution.

“A recent review of the EIS by the Western Sydney Regional organisation of Councils found it had more holes in it than a Swiss cheese,” Mayor Bali said.

According to the council, the local area around Badgerys Creek is far from ready for any future development.

Currently there is no road management plans, no infrastructure for rail operations to the airport, no plans for aircraft fuelling lines, and no noise or pollution protection strategy.

“Why should those living east of Parramatta have fresh air and the protection of an aircraft curfew while those of us living in western Sydney will not?” Mayor Bali said.

There are plenty of federal politicians speaking out against the airport with the federal member for Chifley, Ed Husic, leading the charge, saying the people of the west are receiving baseborn treatment.

“Unlike the protections the eastern suburbs enjoy with Sydney Airport, western Sydney residents are being treated as second class citizens with an airport that will run 24 hours a day and with NO hourly flight caps,” Mr Husic wrote on his facebook.

Neighbouring federal member for Macquarie, Susan Templeman took to facebook to express her frustration with the lack of information on the airports flight path.

“No matter what wins we’ve had, the fundamental problem remains that this is an approval that breaks the government’s own commitment in May to include flight paths and noise mitigation in the final EIS,” Ms Templeman said.

Before the end of the year, the federal government will issue a 1000-page contract to management at Sydney Airport, the proposed operators of the Badgerys Creek airport. It is expected the ball will start rolling on the pre- construction of the airport at some stage in 2017.

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