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Searching for the 'Prospect Six'

THERE is a decade old mystery afoot in Blacktown and you can help solve it.

The Prospect Heritage Trust is on the hunt for the six names left off the World War II Roll of Honor (sic) formally housed at the old Prospect School of Arts.

Currently the Trust has the names of 31 veterans from the war but they’re looking for the six names left off, so they can create a replica of the original roll.

Originally the roll hung on the exterior of the old Prospect School of Arts, nearly opposite the old Prospect Post Office, but on August 10, 1968 the school was burnt down and the roll perished with along with the building.

There is a photo the original Prospect Roll of Honor (sic) which has 31 names on it, however the Trust says there are six names missing.

Jill Finch, President of the Prospect Heritage Trust, told Western News she knows there is six names missing because they have a photo of an updated version of the roll.

Unfortunately the updated photo, probably from the early 1960s, isn’t in focus and the six names at the bottom of the roll are illegible, so the Trust is searching for the six names not on the roll pictured below.

Ms Finch said she wants to find the names of the missing ‘Prospect Six’ because she wants to create a replica of the original roll and present it to the community on Anzac Day 2017.

She has urged anyone who lived in the Prospect area around the time of the war who had a family member fight in the war to come forward, so they can be added to the list.

If you have any information on the missing six names you can email Jill Finch at secretary@ or you can call her on 9621 8225.

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