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Muru Mittigar gives financial help to the community

MURU MITTIGAR has opened a new facility for disadvantaged people of western Sydney who’re looking for financial help under any circumstances.

The Community Finance Hub coordinated and operated by the team at Muru Mittigar is designed to help anyone who has an emergency need for money.

Mike Quarg, the Strategy and Funding Coordinator at the Community Finance Hub (CFH), said the Hub is designed as a safe place for anyone looking for financial help.

“We offer financial counselling, no interest loans to help people purchase essential items and emergency help when it comes to paying for things,” said Mr Quarg. “No matter what your situation is come in and we can have a chat.”

According the Mr Quarg, the loans given out at the Hub aren’t cash hand outs and they’re not designed to be used for everything, but they can be used for practical household goods.

“The loans aren’t for cash, they’re not for debt consolidation, they’re not for payment of fines, but they’re generally for things which people need in emergency situations. Things like lounge suits, fridges, washing machines and televisions,” he added.

Traditionally Muru Mittigar has been an aboriginal focused organisation but with the expansion of the Community Finance Hub they’ve opened their doors to everyone.

“Whilst Muru is an indigenous organisation everyone is free to come and see us,” said Mr Quarg. “We’ve got qualified financial councillors working with us, no-interest-loan- scheme professionals working for us, the loans are assessed by an independent assessment committee, so anyone who needs help can see us.”

MP for Penrith, Stuart Ayres said the Community Finance Hub is a much needed addition to the Penrith CBD on account of the amount of for- profit money lenders in the vicinity.

“There is no doubt we have a number of lenders in a high concerntration inside the CBD location, but my real key message here is, if you need some financial advice then this community hub gives you the opportunity to sit down with someone and map out a financial plan that is right for you,” Mr Ayres said.

The offices of the Community Finance Hub is open Monday to Friday 9 to 4 at 454 – 456 High Street, Penrith NSW.

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