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Chris ‘cains it’ when he gets on his guitar

THE Sydney Blues and Roots Festival in the Hawkesbury has become one of those events that you absolutely must circle on your calendar; it provides us the opportunity to see and hear the greatest musical talent from near and far, showcased right here in our own beautiful backyard.

One of the must-see acts this year is packing his bags as you read this, and getting ready to fly all the way from California USA for your musical pleasure, Chris Cain.

A master on the guitar, his career has spanned many decades and taken him to play before riveted audiences all over the globe.

And now it is our turn, and I promise you you will be thoroughly delighted!

When Chris picks up his guitar it is like an extension of his own arm; it’s meant to be there. And that’s when the magic begins. He gives the instrument an almighty work out, and, the combination of that with his soulful bluesy voice results in an incredible sound that will leave you gasping for more.

I spoke with Chris from his home in the states and I can add ‘absolute gentleman’ to his list of many charming qualities.

He said he was really looking forward to heading ‘Down Unda’ as it is one of his most favourite places on earth.

“Some of the greatest times I’ve ever had have been in Australia,” Chris said.

“The folks I’ve met, the musicians and people whose homes I’ve stayed in, it really touches me just how beautiful the people there are.

“They’ve showed me things I’ve never seen before and I’m always left with a fond, warm feeling from spending time with them.”

Chris first picked up a guitar when he was nine years old, and it has obviously been as fitting a combination as a hand to a glove ever since that day.

“My father was a truck driver and he loved the Blues,” Chris said.

“He made his own little set of tunes and he showed me how to play them, he’s been a great influence in my life.

“I may have only been nine years old, but I knew that BB King was greatest.”

By the time he was in his teenage years, Chris was well on his way on his Blues and Jazz journey. Now at the age of 60, thankfully there’s no sign of this Master slowing down any time soon.

“I actually get more joy out of it now than I ever have!” Chris told me.

“I think because I’ve been with my current band for years, it is reminding me of how much I love it and how much joy I get out of it.

“Having played for so many years, somewhere along the way the fun snuck out the back the door on me, but now I am really enjoying playing my tunes and other people’s tunes.

“Songs are like vehicles, and an opportunity to project your feelings through sound. I love playing songs that move me, I just love anything,” he said.

Chris is really excited about the upcoming festival and can’t wait to “play to anyone who wants to listen.” Rest assured, there will be plenty of people willing to do just that.

For more information on the Sydney Blues and Roots Festival (27-30 October) go to

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