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MP opens up about past in maiden speech

IN HER inaugural speech to the House of Representatives, Emma Husar MP for Lindsay thanked the communityfor electing her and she opened up about her past as a domestic violence survivor.

“In winning Lindsay we achieved the impossible, something they said could not be done. Lindsay is no longer a bell-weather seat. And I am proud to be the first Labor woman to represent Lindsay,” Ms Husar said.

Opening up to the Parliament about her life as a domestic violence survivor, Ms Husar suggested family violence will be eradicated if survivors are elected into decision making positions in the community.

“Life for me hasn’t been without adversity. I have spent 29 out of my 36 years, both as a child and as an adult, living in Domestic Violence. If you want to know how to address the biggest challenge facing women and our children today you need to ask the people who have been affected.

“Even better than that you need to elect them to decision making tables where rhetoric won’t be accepted and only action will be good enough,” she said.

During her 20 minute speech she ran through a list of thank yous that included mentions for her team, family, friends, the community and a number of local Unions.

Throughout the 2016 federal election, Ms Husar advocated for the people of Lindsay, saying she would fight black and blue for them in the Parliament, and with her maiden speech she has made that clear.

“I see our people and I count the people of Lindsay as our number one asset. We don’t ask for much. We’re fair minded, we’re loyal, we help each other out and we work hard,” she said. “The people of Lindsay know they need someone in their corner, one of their own, someone like them to advocate for their needs and those of their family and the people they care about.”

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