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Emma Husar opens her office

WITH much fanfare, a few balloons on the walls and a red and blue ribbon, Emma Husar MP for Lindsay, opened her new electorate office.

The guest list included a handful of local RSL branch members, police officers, charity lobbyists and the first member for Lindsay, Mr Ross Free.

Ms Husar said she was excited to get on with the job and the opening of her office was an important milestone.

“I’m the fifth member for Lindsay and the first Labor female to represent this seat, and I’m extra proud of both of those achievements,” Ms Husar said.

In launching her new office, Ms Husar made it clear the doors of her new establishment would always be open to members of the public no matter what their concerns.

“This office is going to become a hub of all of the issues that matter most to all of us here in Lindsay” she said. “If I can facilitate meetings of anyway or help by bringing any members of the community together I’ll be more than happy to do that.”

The member of Lindsay made it clear she was not simply open to fighting the federal government from her new office, but also she was also open to take on any issues with the state government.

“The issues we look after in here are at a federal level, but we are certainly open to tackle any issues at a state level,” she said. “I’ve already started making some linkages to where people can go for more help, and I think that's really important as a community leader.”

The Lindsay electorate office is at Suite 1, 331 High Street, Penrith.

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