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Independents are best for Penrith, Sue Day says

INDEPENDENT candidate for South Ward Sue Day says the best way for Penrith to grow is if it has a strong independent presence on the Penrith City Council.

“People need to have the opportunity to have both sides of the argument without any bias and without a platform underpinning it,” Ms Day says.

“Independents can cut away from all the political platforms and in doing so they can stand for the people they’re representing. As an independent you can make a more informed choice,” she says.

With so much disunity in federal politics due the to rise of a number of independent parties there are questions around whether or not independents would improve the local council. Ms Day says the independents would help the people of Penrith.

“One side wants one way and another side wants another way. If you can get uniformity and an agreement across an issue, that would be great, but I think the independents are what brings that unity to the table,” Ms Day says. “It isn’t about personal agendas, for me it isn’t. It is about making sure the everyday person has a voice.”

She even went as far as to suggest the independents “are the peace makers” who “help the decision making process to get a consensus”.

“Personally, for me I want both sides of the argument so then I can form my own opinion, and for me that is what a true independent is,” she said.

Ultimately it is up to the voters to judge who and what platform is best suited for the very individual city of Penrith, with Ms Day saying independents will fight for what makes with city great.

“This is a choice for the people to make a decision for where they really want the city to go. We have a unique characteristic about this city and I think independents will fight for that,” she said.

At the 2016 council election there are a number of independent candidates running across all three Wards of the Penrith City Council.


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