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From the Editor's desk

EVERY now and then you come across someone who is so truly inspirational that they touch your heart in a way that makes you feel proud to be part of the human race.

Ann Willmington, wife of Wayne Willmington, mother of Clare (25) and Jack (16) from Vintage FM is one such person.

Ann was diagnosed with a brain tumour eight years ago that very nearly claimed her life. Given just a ten per cent chance of survival, Ann underwent a six-hour operation to have it removed - and defied the odds.

Without paying too much thought to needing recovery time, Ann threw herself into raising funds for Music for Life - because she felt motivated to help find a cure so that little children didn’t have to go through the ordeal that did.

Four years later at a yearly check up, Dr Charlie Teo delivered the unfortunate news that another brain tumour had grown. Ann underwent surgery to remove the tumour from her brain, but this time it was cancer so it needed to be followed up with radiation and chemotherapy.

You’d think trying to cope with the greatest challenge of her life would pin her down, but the most important thing Ann has in mind is raising funds for Music for Life at a fundraiser to be held on September 17 at Penrith Paceway.

The Ann Willmingtons of the world are a treasured gift to our community. Please help this amazing and courageous lady realise her dream of helping those, including small children, who are diagnosed with brain tumours. Tickets to the event can be purchased by contacting Ann on 47 31 1876.

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