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Tricia Hitchen vows to continue her fight

LIBERAL Candidate for East Ward, Cr Tricia Hitchen promised the over- development of Oxley Park would be on her agenda if she’s reelected into the Penrith City Council.

“My main concern is the over- development of Oxley Park and particularly the the lack of car parking and the influx of rubbish in the area,” Cr Hitchen said.

“When I’ve been out letterbox dropping and door-knocking and the biggest response I get from residents is about the plans for the Oxley Park area,” she said.

She also said she would bring to council the plight of the elderly who live on Forrester Rd in St Marys who need to cross four lanes of heavy traffic to access public transport.

“The bus drops off the residents and they have to then walk across four lanes of heavy traffic, which isn’t safe and needs to be fixed,” she said.

In her last four years serving East Ward, Cr Hitchen said she has fought for the funding of traffic lights on Erskine Park Road and the preservation of green spaces around the Erskine Park area.

Running for her second election, Cr Hitchen said she’s learned a lot on her first term in council, including the importance of talking to the community about issues and change.

“One of the most important things I’ve learnt in this job is that public consultation is very important,” she said.

“Across the last four years I’ve really come to appreciate that progress is made at a slow pace and getting anything done is a slow process.”

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