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Rossco’s fabulous life in print

ONE could easily describe the local mythos that is Ross ‘Rossco’ Hutchison as ‘a man of many talents’ but that would be unfair because anyone who talks to him realises he is much more than that, and his new biography is prime evidence of his stellar career.

Working with Queensland author and biographer Maggie Richardson he has penned a 100-plus page glimpse into his life in the limelight which includes his career as an entertainer, a charity man, a healer, choreographer and much more.

Rossco, who is a regular contributor in Nepean News, said he decided to co-write the book because he felt it was an opportunity he couldn’t turn down.

“Being a dinosaur now, over the years people have said, ‘why haven’t you done a book?’ and I thought, yes I will do that book, it would be a great opportunity,” he said. “I’ve had an amazing life and I think I’ve tried to make every post a winner, grab everything. You grab everything with two hands because you don’t know what opportunities you’ll get later on.”

Rossco said people had come to him directly and said he should put his life on paper because it might help others strive for their best.

“Really the book was first pushed at me because people suggested it maybe of help and inspiration to others,” he said.

When a biographer goes through your life and digs around in your closets, Rossco said it can be a little intimidating.

“It is very daunting to write a story about yourself, and Maggie Richardson who is the author has come up with stuff that I’ve forgotten about,” he said. “It is a bit intrusive.”

“I know I’m not regarded as a shy person but I am. I’m very private, I’m humbled by the things I get to do, and I’m even more humbled when I look at the book and think about the things I’ve been lucky enough to do in my lifetime,” he said.

Even though the book hasn’t had an official launch yet, Rossco let Nepean News in on some exclusive and exciting news. He told us book two is already on the way.

“It is a completely different genre to this first book. It is going to be, ‘the thoughts of Rossco’ and it is the motivational side of life,” he said.

You buy the book on Rossco’s life by Maggie Richardson at Products/SKU-001066990/The-Sky-Is-Not-the- Limit.aspx or you can see him signing the book on September 3 at 11am at Dymocks in Penrith Plaza.

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