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New MPs go back to ‘school’

EMMA Husar, the new Federal MP for Lindsay, spent her first week in the nation’s capital exploring Parliament house and learning the ins and outs of parliamentary proceedings.

Ms Husar, who is the fifth person to represent Lindsay and the first to represent the electorate as a part of the federal opposition in its 32 year long history, said she’ll make the most of her time in Parliament.

“Being here today has reminded me of the vastness of our Federal Parliament – my job here is to make sure the issues facing western sydney are top of the agenda in Canberra. I’ll be shouting from the rooftops to ensure we get our fair share,” she said.

In her first week Ms Husar went back to school and took part in a two day crash course where she learnt the appropriate proceedings and methods of Parliament.

“I’ve spent the day at MP school – learning the rules and procedures of the house and meeting the staff who keep the Parliament working,” she said. “It’s also been great meeting other MPs who have just recently been elected.”

On top of her classes Ms husar also spent time meeting with the speaker of the house, party whips, clerks and other parliamentary officials who run Parliament House. She was also given the keys to her new office.

The MP for Lindsay wasn’t the only new face in Canberra with 38 other new members being introduced to the parliament during the last few weeks. another greenhorn was the new member for Macquarie, susan Templeman, who said she was very privileged to be representing her electorate.

“a big day of orientation and learning the procedural rules of this place. Feeling very honoured to be here,” Ms Templeman wrote on facebook.

Lucky there is no detention in Parliament house because Ms Husar has been caught with her phone out in Parliament House.

She told 9 News she was reprimanded for taking selfies in the House of Reps, something which is frowned upon and against Parliamentary proceedings.

“Don’t take selfies while in the House of Reps chamber,” she told 9News. “Me and a few of the other rookies got caught up with that this morning.”

Both Houses of Parliament return on August 30.

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