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More commuter woes for Penrith

COMMUTERS at Penrith train station now have another struggle to add to the rush hour commute after Transport for NSW changed a long standing 15 minute pick up point into a taxi zone.

The drop off and pick up zone out the front of Penrith station on Jane Street, used by commuters and parents picking up and dropping off children, has been changed from a 15 minute parking zone to a taxi zone.

The changes have angered Penrith Mayor Karen McKeown. “We made other suggestions to Transport for NSW but it has all been ignored,” she said. “Drivers don’t know what is going on and they’re getting fined.”

According to Mayor McKeown, Transport for NSW hasn’t utilised the expertise of the local council saying, “If they want to talk to the experts about the kind of traffic, pedestrian activity and parking needed in the area, Transport for NSW need to talk to council.”

She went as far as to describe the situation as a “dog’s breakfast”.

Her major concern was about the access issues posed by the changes. The Mayor said, “There’s a whole range of safety concerns. You’ll have kids being dropped off at the traffic lights, running in and out of traffic because there is no safe place to pull over.”

The changes have already been made but at the August Penrith City Council meeting, Cr Greg Davies requested a letter be sent to Transport for NSW, local MPs and the Premier demanding to have the decision reversed.

Across the Nepean News facebook page concerned locals have made their opinions clear.

Ian Carr suggested the changes are a ploy to pull a few more dollars into the government’s pockets writing, “Anything to catch people out to make money out of fines. Disgusting.”

Barry Oliver echoed the Mayor’s comments saying, “That sucks. No-where to drop off & pick up kids or older people.”

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