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  • Keegan Thomson

From the assistant editor's desk

THIS last week, whilst Kerrie was sipping cocktails in Bali, I was sitting at the Assistant Editor’s desk.

The Assistant Editor’s desk really isn’t anything different, in fact it is the same desk that i normally sit at, but that is besides the point. I feel very lucky to be working as part of a team who trusts me in this role - even though i’ve only been in the job since April.

Working for an independent paper I realise how important independent media is in Australia, a country where there are only two mainstream newspapers in our biggest metropolitan cities.

It was recently announced in The New York Times that the Sydney Morning Herald and other Fairfax mastheads might stop publishing a paper through the week, choosing to only publish newspapers on the weekends. If that happens the only person in this country printing newspapers 7 days a week will be Rupert Murdoch.

The greatest thing about independent media is it doesn’t have to follow the mainstream, meaning we can think outside the box and we can put the community first. Nepean News is different, swimming against the mainstream, because we bring stories about local legends doing legendary things without all the negativity and specific political party line toeing.

All the opportunities I’ve been given here at Nepean News have been given to me because of our independent nature. I’ve been able to to pursue politicians of all persuasions during elections, push for more transparency on the western Sydney airport, and fight for the rights of greyhound owners and trainers on the eve of the greyhound racing ban.

I can’t wait to see what other things I can fight for in this community of western Sydney across my time here at Nepean News and Western News, proudly independent.

I'd also like to give a special thanks to our dedicated readers, consistent advertisers and the community for supporting local media.

Do you have something to say or a story to tell? send me an email at

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