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Japanese students welcomed to Penrith

HIGH SCHOOL student from Fujieda, Japan, were welcomed to the Nepean region at an afternoon tea hosted by the Mayor Karen McKeown.

At the afternoon tea the four students spoke of the

differences between Australia and Japan.

“The sky is very vast and blue,” said Mio, 15. “The food tastes different here and the meal sizes are very big compared to our meals. Also the houses are huge,” she laughed.

Another student Ayaka, 17, said her parents were anxious about her coming on the trip.

“My parents are a little worried about me because it is my first trip over seas, but they also think this is a great experience for me,” she said.

All of the Japanese students agreed upon one thing, the people of Penrith and Australians in general are very kind and welcoming.

During the afternoon tea the Japanese students swapped gifts with the Mayor, including a letter from the Mayor of Fujieda, who praised the friendship between the two cities.

Whilst in Penrith the Japanese students will attend classes, explore the region and will be billeted out to local school students.

Fujieda is one of Penrith’s sister cities and has been since 1984.

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