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Police Dog Unit devastated at the loss of PD Chuck

The NSW Police Dog Unit has paid tribute to Police Dog, ‘Chuck’, who sadly passed away last week.

PD Chuck was the loyal companion, partner, and best friend to Acting Sergeant Luke Warburton, whom many may remember was shot at Nepean hospital at the beginning of the year.

Born on Sunday 10 August 2008, PD Chuck was bred by the NSW Police Dog Unit. he commenced training on a general duties basis and was partnered with his handler, A/Sgt Luke Warburton.

PD Chuck, together with A/Sgt Warburton, has been involved in hundreds of jobs throughout his career, including the arrest of one of Australia’s most wanted in March 2012 and being at the front line of the hyde Park Riots in September 2012.

He was a keen and driven police dog who was responsible for tracking and apprehending many offenders throughout his life.

PD Chuck’s status as a crime-fighting hero led to him to receive the honour of presenting the game ball at a 2012 State of Origin game in Sydney, where he became very attached to the ball and almost prevented the kick-off.

PD Chuck, along with A/Sgt Warburton’s family and colleagues, has also been a driving force in the officer’s recovery following the shooting early this year.

Between Sunday 3 July and Monday 4 July 2016, PD Chuck passed away from what is believed to be natural causes. PD Chuck’s legacy continues, through the three litters he fathered for the NSW Police Dog Unit.

Superintendent Dean Smith, Commander of the NSW Dog Unit, said it was a sad time for the unit.

“Chuck’s death is a loss to the Dog Unit, not only from his contribution to helping fight crime, but the joy he brought to his handler, Acting Sergeant Warburton, and the officers involved in his training and development throughout the years,” Superintendent Smith said.

When A/Sgt Warburton was recovering in Nepean hospital following the gunshot wound, Chuck was taken for a visit and was so excited to see his handler he wanted to jump up on the bed with him.

“My fondest memory will be of Chuck visiting me in hospital after I was shot in January. Chuck was so excited to see me – and me him.

“Whenever I went to work and had Chuck out with me I knew he always had my back and we could take on any job.

“PD Chuck was a true police dog. he loved nothing more than seeing me walk to the backyard in my overalls as he knew he was going to work to do his favourite thing and chase bad guys.”

Chuck was a fearsome and intimidating Police Dog, but he was also a much loved family dog to the Warburton family.

Chuck will be missed by not only the Dog Unit but the whole of the NSW Community that he worked hard to protect.

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