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Funding boost for Muru Mittigar

THE state government has announced a much needed funding injection for the Muru Mittigar Aboriginal cultural centre.

Announced by NSW state government, Muru Mittigar will receive a $25,000 funding boost to help create equality in the workforce.

Peter Chia, the CEO of Muru Mittigar said the funding was very good news.

“This means good things. We will take this money and use it to help empower women in the workplace, particularly Aboriginal women,” he said.

According to Mr Chia, Muru Mittigar’s workforce is made up of 40 per cent women, who work in a number of team management, front end and back end jobs.

He said the key to having such a female strong workforce is to be flexible and to offer employment that complements home life.

“We try to create flexible work arrangements for all our employees,” he said. “A lot of our workers are single mums and we have some mature age women that want to reengage with the workforce, so by being flexible we are making it possible for women to stay active in the workforce.”

Mr Chia also said the funding would go towards helping Aboriginal people better understand their own Indigenous culture, something which he want Muru Mittigar to expand on.

“There is always a willingness for Aboriginal people to learn about their culture. It is always assumed Aboriginal people know lots about their culture but this money will help create our capacity to help that,” Mr Chia said.

Western Sydney has an unemployment rate of 6.2 per cent, which is above the state average, though with this new funding more part time, casual and full time jobs will be created across the two Muru Mittigar sites at Rouse Hill and Penrith.

The state MP for Penrith, Stuart Ayres, announced the funding saying the government is proud to back such a dedicated organisation.

“The NSW Liberals and Nationals are committed to promoting leadership and economic security for women in Penrith and I congratulate Muru Mittigar on its successful application,” Mr Ayres said.

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