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C’mon let’s go for Broke!

OKAY listen up peeps, as I have a story here that should interest every movie-goer that has any ounce of Penrith pride running through their veins, and your help is needed!

One of our own Penrith lads, Heath Davis, has made a movie that will take the world by storm. I’ve seen it and it is an absolute cracker of a film.

The movie, titled Broke, played at the Glenbrook Cinema last month and I can tell you that it caught myself and the packed audience by surprise that a local fella was responsible for the masterpiece we had just viewed. Not that we don’t believe in the abilities of our local born-and-breds, but it isn’t every day you see a movie that by all accounts could have come from Hollywood if you didn’t know any better, spawned from the talent of one of our neighbours.

And what’s even more astounding is that it was made on a shoe-string budget that consisted of crowd- funding dollars - for less than the price of producing a beer commercial.

And while the film is indeed the calibre of a Hollywood blockbuster, it’s as far from yankie-doodle-dandy- land as you please - with lovable and believable Aussie characters (with proper Aussie accents!) who have come to life from Heath’s own experiences growing up in this neck of the woods.

So here’s the part where your help is needed.

Hoyts Penrith have agreed to play Broke - as a one-off screening on July 20. But there’s a catch, just a wee one. Hoyts require 65 pre-sold tickets to give the movie the nod. So we all need to jump online and purchase a ticket or two at just $20 a pop. Or maybe take a group? Make a fun night of it for the whole workplace?

Parting with a lobster is not much to ask to get behind someone who has invested so much hard-work into this project, and what’s more you’ll thank me for pushing you to once you’ve seen the film. So C’mon Penrith, let’s go for Broke - literally - and book the place out!

Starring: Steve Le Marquand, Max Cullen and Claire Van Der Boom among many others, the story centres around an ageing rail worker, Cec, who finds his former footy hero-turned washed up gambling addict, Ben “BK” Kelly passed out late one evening and decides to take him in. Through the love and support of Cec and his single parent daughter, Terri, BK finally finds the courage he was once famous for on the field, off it, to tackle his demons head on and ultimately win back the respect of the community he so deeply let down.

“Broke is a compelling and entertaining movie first and foremost. It’s hard hitting at times but also very funny,” commented Mr Davis.

“It shines the spotlight on a growing social issue in problem gambling. It’s a complex issue that impacts everyone in some way, shape or form nowadays,” he continued.

“I hope the film gets people talking about it and also provides a ray of hope for those struggling with the disease.”

Mr Davis is optimistic about the film’s future in Penrith. It is currently scheduled to play in several other theatres domestically in addition to its overseas run.

“Hopefully if we sell out the session on the July 20 at Penrith Hoyts the audience demand will see the cinema give us a season,” said Mr Davis.

“Penrith residents will really identify with it and enjoy it. Word of mouth is very strong. We all know one of the characters in the film which is why it resonates,” he continued.

The screening can be booked online at here and you can RSVP to the event on Facebook.


Broke has sold all the tickets it needs for the screening to go ahead, according to the ticket sales website. Tickets are still available to see the film but hurry because the film is set to sell out.

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