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Lynch speaks out about pre poll conditions

CANDIDATE for the Nick Xenophon Team, Stephen Lynch, has spoken out about the “frightening” and dangerous conditions of the pre polling booth and the over the top behaviour of candidates are displaying in front of voters.

According to Mr Lynch the scenes around the pre polling booth on High street, Penrith resemble that of a scary obstacle course.

“Candidates and volunteers for major and minor party alike seem intent on scaring the daylights out of prospective voters” Mr Lynch said.

With this eight week long election campaign winding down, the NXT candidate outlined a few of the more curious sites seen at pre poll.

“Labor embellishes plans to privatise Medicare, the Coalition amplifies the consequences of Brexit, while various minor parties warn of the impending Islamification of Australia. Even the Ghost of Elections Past made an appearance when Jackie Kelly handed out how-to-vote cards for Independent Marcus Cornish,” he said.

Mr Lynch went on to criticise the state of the pre poll place saying the ramp up to the entrance was dangerously slippery when wet and offered up difficulties for people with poor mobility.

“Not only does the ramp have a step up to it, it is very steep and incredibly slippery when wet” Mr Lynch said. “Last week a vision-impaired man tripped up the step but was thankfully unharmed”.

Mr Lynch told Nepean News in a statement about an event where an elderly lady ‘took a heavy fall’ on the way up to the polling booth, after which an ambulance was called and she was rushed off to Nepean Hospital with a suspected dislocated shoulder. Subsequently the pre poll booth was temporarily closed.

Mr Lynch added, “Regardless who wins Lindsay this election, I believe I speak for all candidates when I state it is my hope that the pre-polling booth at future elections it located at a much safer spot”.

The pre poll booth in question is at 580 High St, Penrith.

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