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  • Keegan Thomson

Free wifi rolled out across western Sydney

AFTER food, sleep and water, wifi is the one thing humans need to survive, or at least that’s what some young people would say. to help keep the people of Blacktown and Mount Druitt connect the Blacktown City Council will roll out more than a dozen free wifi hotspots.

the service was organised as a joint venture between the Blacktown City Council and telstra after it was recommended to the Mayor by the CBD Activation Committee.

All up there will be 20 wifi hotspots rolled out across the Blacktown and Mount Druitt CBDs with more coming over the next few months.

Each wifi hotspot will allow up to 50 people to use it at one time with each user limited to 30 minutes of connectivity per day.

In a statement the Blacktown City Council said, “the system has been rolled out over the last month and each node is currently attracting around 100 users a day.”

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