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  • Keegan Thomson

From the journos desk

I’VE only been in this job for about three months now but I’ve almost learnt more on the job in these last three months than in the last three years of uni.

Now I’m not saying uni was a waste and I didn’t learn anything but what I am saying is being on the ground, shuffling through the journos at press conferences, working on sources and building relationships within the community is a powerful learning experience.

Taking stock of the last three months I’ve spoken to politicians vying for their political future, I’ve conversed with charities who’ve give up their lives to make western Sydney a better community and I’ve interviewed young up start rock stars who might be the next big thing.

Across my reporting I’ve come to realise that western Sydney is a unique and flourishing community which is developing and growing at speeds never before seen in this or the last century.

There are ideas coming out of the west that no-one in the city will listen to, there is music coming from bedrooms across the west that will one day rule the radio waves, there is voices calling out from the west that are telling stories that no-one want to hear because they’re too heartbreaking.

The area is expanding, the people of western Sydney have all got something to say about it and I feel privileged to be able to share the stories, the victories and the losses of the communities and voices of western Sydney.

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