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LIVE: Q and A from western Sydney

10:57 PM

If you ask me the Opposition Leader was about to stand strong against the sometimes ruthless Tony Jones, even though the people of western Sydney gave him a bit of a hard time.

There was a new side of Mr Shorten tonight. He was frank and honest, often telling voters things they probably didn't want to hear (see the post at 10:08 PM featuring Gina Field) but some would say those characteristics would make someone a good leader.

We will have a bit of a recap of this week's Q and A and the Opposition Leader's visit to western Sydney in the next issue of Nepean News and Western News.

Anyways, I'm off to bed. Hope you've enjoyed our very first LIVE blog on our brand new Western Sydney News Group, Nepean News and Western News, website.

Nighty night!

10:49 PM

The last question was about arts cuts and the ALP's arts policy.

Mr Shorten went round the twist outlining more funds to the ABC, more funding to live music and more cash thrown at arts funding.

10:45 PM

We couldn't get through the night without a question about the proposed Western Sydney Airport.

There is a lot of criticism in the west, particularly around Lindsay, about the unquestionable bipartisan support of the airport.

The questioner asked, is Labor prepared to lose the west because of its support of the airport?

If you ask me, this airport won't be as big of an issue during this election as it will be in future state and federal elections.

10:39 PM

A question about Nepean Hospital.

There is a 300 day waiting list for elective surgery at Nepean Hospital.

Will a Labor federal government work with public hospitals?

Mr Shorten started off by thanking the staff of Nepean Hospital for the work they do.

Instead of directly answering he gave a rundown of ALP party policy but he did give Emma Husar, the ALP candidate for Lindsay, a big heads up saying she had spoken to him about the issues at the hospital.

We will have some more coverage of the Opposition Leader's visit and his campaigning with Ms Husar in the next issue of Nepean News.

10:30 PM

A question was asked about public transport changes between Penrith and Parramatta.

Surprisingly Mr Shorten has taken on the suggestion and has said he'd love to chat to about the idea.

During the last budget the Coalition government announced $3 billion in spending towards infrastructure including improvements to the T1 western line.

10:23 PM

Mr Shorten has been questioned about the University of New South Wales and their curriculum which states the colonisation of Australia was an invasion.

Tony Jones has pushed him to answer that question but so far Mr Shorten has tip toed around the question.

He has suggested the way Australia has dealt with Aboriginal people in the country has been poor.

He's suggested a few thing they could do to fight for Aboriginals including a treaty in the future.


Nepean News columnist, Gina Field has questioned the Opposition Leader on his plan for growth for Aussie small businesses.

She asked, "Are you prepared to match the 10 year plan proposed by the government?"

He said, "No we are not prepared to support the plan."

He has backed up his comments by saying small business are more likely to turn over $2 million or less are the businesses which deserve the Coalitions proposed tax cuts.

The Coalition has proposed tax cuts to small businesses who earn up to $10 million a year. The Opposition is against these cuts.

Ms Field responded by saying, "I actually think you're stereotyping small business... I can actually state that your vision will not help me."

Mr Shorten said, "I'd like to tell you what you want to hear, but that isn't leadership."

Sounds like the Opposition might lose some of the vote from small and medium business owners.

9:55 PM

A voter grilled the Opposition Leader on his announced NBN changes. His new plan is to do a better roll out for the same amount of money. Of course the Coalition have opposed this and have attacked the Opposition's costings.

Tony Jones, the host of Q and A asked Mr Shorten, "Where is the money coming from? It isn't a magic pudding."

He responded saying "We can do it for the same price"

9:51 PM

Looks like the Opposition Leader has had a costume change since this morning.

9:48 PM

The voters are being offered the chance to question the Opposition Leader.

The first question is from Colin. He is asking about being on message as a politician.

Mr Shorten has responded by talking about the mass shooting in Orlando in the U.S. saying "during the election there are things much less important than the big battles we are having."

His second question was about the budget and the news that broke last week which said the ALP will return deficits for the next four budgets if they're elected.

After he was reminded about the rules and structure of Q and A Mr Shorten came back with an answer, "What we will do is we will reduce unaffordable government spending."

"We will make hard decisions and that is how we will get results."

Looks like the people of western Sydney won't vote in Bill Shorten as their next PM until he has had a grillin'.

9:35 PM

Today the Opposition Leader was in the western Sydney seat of Lindsay where he outlined his new plan to roll out the original version of the NBN to those who still don't have it.

Whilst touring around Lindsay he did some campaigning with Labor candidate for the marginal seat, Emma Husar and the MP for Chifley, Ed Husic.

Mr Shorten hasn't had as strong a profile in Lindsay compared to the PM, who has visited the seat twice so far this election.

This coming weekend the Labor Party will host their campaign launch in western Sydney, with source's saying it will be in Lindsay, so maybe the ALP are ready to bring the fight to the marginal seat.

Anyways the show is about to begin!

9:18 PM

Good evening all night owls and political die hards! Hope you've all had a great long weekend and you've been binging on the latest political offerings from both sides of politics.

Can you believe there is only three weeks to go until we can all exercise our democratic rights and get to vote in the federal election? How exciting!

Tonight I'm going to be blogging away and posting my live thoughts, including some smart remarks from the internet and the crowds, during the LIVE: Q and A episode broadcast live from Penrith.

If you've got any thoughts or you're simply looking for a fellow political junkie to talk to on a Monday night you can email me at .

Keep refreshing your browser and re-loading the page so you can see my updates LIVE during the episode, which is due to start in about 20ish minutes.

#QandA #Federalpolitics #Federalelection2016

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