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Opposition lays down infrastructure plans

SCHOFIELDS will get an extended commuter car park at the local train station if the ALP is elected into government on July 2.

Michelle Rowland, MP for Greenway, recently distributed a petitions to the locals of her electorate in which she told Western News “highlighted a need for more access”.

If the ALP are voted into government, they’ll dedicated a $5 million extension to the carpark at Schofields Train Station, which will improve the commuter carpark capacity.

In a statement Ms Rowland said, “People need an incentive to use public transport. You cannot make it difficult to access or people simply won’t use it, adding to more congestion on our roads”

This comes after the Turnbull government announced $115 million spend on the proposed Badgerys Creek airport and a $1.5 billion investment in rail across Sydney, which will include some funding towards the T1 Western Line.

Infrastructure and the proposed 24 hour Badgerys Creek airport is an issue that will continue long after the election, particularly with the ongoing WestConnex work on the M4 and the North West rail link.

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