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  • Keegan Thomson

Education a hot topic in the campaign

CAMPAIGNING from Tregear Public School Ed Husic, MP for Chifley, launched an attack on the recent Federal Budget, in particular school funding.

Mr Husic met with parents at Tregear Public School to discuss the detail of Labor’s plan for schools in Chifley.

“Even though they promised to protect school funds, Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull will cut around $270m from Chifley’s schools over the next ten years,” Mr Husic claimed.

School funding is a contentious issue within the western Sydney area.

Angela Maguire, a western Sydney business woman and public education advocate, suggested either parties are doing enough for local school funding.

“I’m not going to be voting for for a Prime Minister, I’m looking at my local member because they’re the ones fighting for us. For me I will probably be voting for the member who supports the things that I

care most about on a local level,” Ms Maguire said.

Ms Maguire spoke personally with the PM when he was visiting western Sydney recently.

So far in this election the ALP has made 8 announcements regarding educational funding.

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