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Shannon Noll is ready to rock

Shannon Noll, Nepean News, western Sydney

Shannon Noll is the most down-to-earth, unapologetically Australian musicians touring to-date. Across his career he has produced some of the most recognisable Aussie rock singles of the past decade and he is bringing his red hot live show to the Blue Cattle Dog Hotel in St Clair.

After taking a break from the music business he is “as keen as mustard” to get back into it as he heads across the country in support of his Shannon Noll Live tour.

“I took some time with my family and bought some property in Victoria. We bought some horses, we bought some motorbikes, it was all great fun. But after a while I started feeling a little too comfortable so we came back to Sydney to have another go at it,” Shannon Noll said.

Part of his brand new ‘go at it’ includes a new album, a new tour and a potential trip to the U.S. to record at the home of country-rock music, Nashville, Tennessee.

“There is talk that we might be recording my new album in Nashville, but we’ll see how it plans out,” he said. “There is so many players over there, so many people to work with and write with it would be great.”

‘Nollsie’ became a household name in 2003 after he was the runner up in the inaugural Australian Idol television contest, but even though he came second in the talent competition, he managed to etch himself a special place on the Aussie rock landscape.

Recently Nollsie was announced as a member of the Australian judging panel for this years Eurovision Song Contest, which for some reason will again feature an Australian performer.

“Someone started a petition to get me to sing at Eurovision, but that didn’t go anywhere, so the committee asked me to be a judge,” he said.

Nollsie said he will be looking for a song which tells a great story. He said, “I’m a big believer in a really good story, lyric content is important to me. It also has to have artistic power and really great instruments and production.”

When Nollsie hits the Blue Cattle Dog he has promised a night of good tunes and great entertainment.

“It is going to be a ripper of a show. We’ve got the whole band and we’ll be playing some of our old and new songs as well as some Aussie classics,” Shannon Noll said. “It is really great to have a solid back catalogue of songs to play that people know well.”

Check out Shannon Noll at the Blue Cattle Dog Hotel in St Clair on June 4 with tickets available from Moshtix or contact the Blue Cattle Dog on 9670 3050.


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