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  • Kerrie Davis

Cecil the Lion

RARELY do I come across things that make my blood boil, but boil it did last week when I read about Cecil the lion from Zimbabwe.

A dentist from Minnesota, USA has been named and shamed for paying to have the collared lion lured out of his enclosure, and subsequently hunted down and hit with a bow and arrow. Some 40 hours after Cecil was wounded, this despicable creature shot, skinned and beheaded him and posed for his "trophy" photos.

He has been bombarded by animal activists and the general pubic to the point of having to temporarily close down his dental practice.

Boo hoo.

As Australians, we often blame the lack of gun laws in the USA for their appalling homicide stats. I believe the hunting mentality that many possess also plays a part. Hunting down and looking an animal in the eye before planting a bullet through its head is a "sport" that only certain types could possibly find enjoyment in.

Personally, I'd find it hard to befriend any person who rated this level of cruelty as a hobby. It makes me feel ashamed of my species.

Roaring mad!

Cecil's killer said in a statement that he believes he was acting lawfully, and has said nothing about the cruelty of the act itself.

Well, Mr lion-killer dentist, we understand that you were just "pursuing an activity that you love" when you stalked, killed and beheaded Cecil. Your next dental patient is waiting for you in your surgery. We'll lock the door behind you and check in after 40 hours and see how you fared.

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