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  • By Keegan Thomson

My Big Fat Greek Wedding comes to Penrith

A play with a familiar name, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, is coming to Penrith and is sizing up to be a must-see show.

Starring a largely local supporting cast, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, takes apart the familiar film and delivers a vividly different theatre experience for all audience members.

To many people’s surprise, My Big Fat Greek Wedding was originally a one woman play written by Nia Vardalos and was only produced into a feature film after Tom Hanks, the film’s producer saw her performing.

The cast and crew of My Big Fat Greek Wedding want to recreate the intimate and unguarded atmosphere that Nia Vardalos created in her original production whilst adding a bit of a new feel to it.

Anthony Brown, the play’s director, is offering up his interpretation of the story by giving the audience a twist on the familiar film.

“I’ve added a few things into the show that aren’t in the original production. We’ve put a lot of Greek dancing in between scenes to add a new flavour to it all,” Mr Brown said.

He also said the story and the characters are relatable no matter what your background.

“Everyone I’ve spoken to has said how relatable the characters are. Ultimately the play is about beauty and everyone wants to feel beautiful in their lives,” Mr. Brown said.

Angela Pezzano, the lead actress in the play, said audiences should expect a new look on the classic heartwarming story.

“The play will still explore the same themes but it will be set up in a different way. We’ve taken our inspiration mainly from the play rather than the film,” She said.

She drew comparisons between working with a team in the production and the fiction family she plays a part in.

“The best thing about the play is we end up feeling like the big family we are all supposed to be playing. The cast, the crew, the whole team comes together in some big communal way,” Ms. Pezzano said.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding will commence its run of shows on May 6 at the John Lees Centre in Penrith.


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