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Keeping Our Culture Alive

Minister for Indigenous Affairs, The Hon Senator Nigel Scullion MP, has been welcomed by the Nepean Community and Neighbourhood Services (NCNS) in Cranebrook. There he was treated to traditional Indigenous dancing and a tour of the Centre’s cultural activities by Facilitator, Tracie Harris.

After the performance, centre Managing Director, Joy Impiombato arranged a meeting between NCNS management and community members.

The meeting discussed the importance of keeping cultural traditions alive, especially with western Sydney being host to a large indigenous population, many from families who originated in country New South Wales.

The NCNS has recognised this through running programmes like the dance class, which is based on traditional performances from the Murri Warri (around Brewarrina).

Speaking after the event, Member for Lindsay, Fiona Scott MP said, “It was great to have the Minister for Indigenous Affairs in Cranebrook, looking at the essential community work that Joy and her team perform.

“The NCNS is a facility that gives kids and their family’s inspiration and quite often, hope through tough times.”

The Federal Government has recently recommitted to the centre’s funding, providing $478,000 towards schooling and strategic development through programmes helping children with education, safety, and wellbeing over a period of three years.

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