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Disband: A fresh new look on rock n roll

Family can quite often be a solid foundation for an uncompromising rock ’n’ roll collective, and one of the finest new examples of is Mount Druitt’s Sultana cousins and their band, Disband.

The Sultana cousins, Ben Sultana the lead singer and guitarist and DJ Sultana the drummer, backed up by Erin Greenway on keyboard and James Molloy the bass player, are producing some of the grooviest alternative rock ‘n’ roll around.

If B.B. King and John Lee Hooker made an album with Queens of the Stone Age then you’d have the music of Disband.

This eclectic mix of blues guitar rhythms, alt-rock melodies and hard rock drums is inspired by the band’s wide and far reaching music tastes.

James Molloy said, “We all like different bands and different genres and we try to bring those influences into our music. You can hear a bunch of different things, we’ve got a bit of prog, a bit of blues. It reflects our personality.”

DJ told us that Disband’s current line up came about last year when DJ and Ben were jamming in between band practice.

“We were a part of a metal band called Regrets After All when we just decided to jam together in between breaks. I never used to play drums so I jumped on and it felt like a natural transition for me. Ben jumped behind the mic and we had something going,” DJ said.

Erin Greenway suggested the reason why the band works so well is because as mates they all get along like a house on fire.

“All four of us are friends and as a band we are a bunch of mates just hanging out, doing stuff and we just happen to write music together as well,” Erin said.

The four members of Disband have been recording and performing together as the current lineup for the past year and are currently in the studio warming up and getting ready to record brand new music.

James said the whole recording process feels pretty organic.

“We come together with a few ideas and because we all listen to different genres the ideas we all bring in are very different but everyone builds upon each other’s ideas and all it melts together,” he said.

Disband are currently recording their debut EP and hope to have it out before the middle of the year.

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