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  • By Keegan Thomson

A New Club for a Growing Suburb

SYDNEY’S newest Lion’s club has opened in Western Sydney in the bustling new suburb of The Ponds and is one of the most diverse Lions Clubs in the state.

Blacktown Ponds Lions Club boasts 38 members from 10 different ethnic backgrounds including locals from the Philippines, the US, China, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka and many more.

Membership Chairman Rissa Mcinnes says the new Lions Club is one of the most diverse chapters in Sydney.

“We have a very ethnically diverse club, it really reflects the region, and we feel it adds something different to our club,” Mrs. Mcinnes said.

The diversity doesn’t simply stop with the cultures and background of its members. Chapter President, Paul Mcinnes, told Western News the club has a large majority of females over males in their membership.

“We want our chapter to be more family friendly and community focused. Because of this we have a large majority of female members, roughly around 60%, and we are constantly encouraging a diverse and open club,” Mr. Mcinnes said.

The intention behind opening up the new Lions Club in The Ponds area of Blacktown was because there is so much growth and momentum in the region.

“Even though the area is growing so quickly there isn’t enough services in place. As a community based charity we want to help play our part,” Mr. Mcinnes said. “The Lions Club gives all its proceeds to charity, with the administrational costs of the club coming from membership fees, and because of that we can help out a lot more people”

Locally the Lions Clubs have helped with hearing impairment mobility dogs, local schools, cerebral palsy charities and vision impairment charities, just to name a few.

As well as local organisations, Blacktown Ponds Lions Club also support international aid work.

In March the new club sponsored the Cebu Hamili Lions Club of Cebu City in the Philippines. Blacktown Ponds Lions Club donated pairs of thongs to communities around the Inayawan garbage dumpsite area in Cebu.

The Blacktown Ponds Lions Club are open to new membership with potential new members and enquirers encouraged to contact the Membership Chairman, Rissa Mcinnes, on 0414947135 or via email at

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