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  • Kerrie Davis

Go Girls!

IT sure has been a big couple of weeks for some of our local leading females! Federally, the change in leadership was followed by a front-bench reshuffle, resulting in local resident, Senator Marise Payne making history by becoming the first female to become Minister of Defence.

On a personal level, the news reduced me to a blubbering idiot; because Marise is one of my most favourite people in the universe. It is not every day that the Maid of Honour / Best Woman at your wedding becomes one of the Best Women in Australian politics. When the news came in I was so full of pride and love for her I honestly thought I was going to burst.

On a more serious note, our new PM has made an excellent choice in Marise. Never has there been a more dedicated and passionate candidate for this role. Marise has worked incredibly hard for so many years - often for little or no credit - and now it is her time to shine. And shine she will.

We also saw the election of Cr Karen McKeown as our new Mayor. Karen is an absolutely delightful person to be around; friendly, approachable and dedicated - and her enthusiasm is infectious. I'm sure she will do this city proud.

I believe it is a great win for Penrith to see our local Councillors putting Penrith before politics - Labor and Liberal have joined forces - something we never see and probably never will see on a state or federal stage. Voters are well and truly tired of political mud-throwing, and I see this united front as a fabulous move for our region.

And another local leading lady has been elected unopposed as the President of our Chamber of Commerce. Gina Field (yes our very own G-Spot Gina) brings colour, spunk and a breath of fresh air once again to the role.

Go girls, I know I speak for my breed when I say you all make us so proud.

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