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  • Kerrie Davis

And the winner is...

AT LAAAAST, I hear you singing the Ella Fitzgerald tune - the state election is finally over.

The Baird government has been returned pretty convincingly for another four year term.

Locally, the seats in our region went to the candidates that most of us predicted - Liberal Stuart Ayres returned in Penrith, Liberal Tanya Davies returned in Mulgoa and new member Labor's Prue Car elected in Londonderry.

Stuart Ayres claimed victory fairly early on election night, an endorsement of his popularity in our community considering he had just about everyone else on the ballot paper teaming up to try to force his demise. It was a gallant effort by a hardworking and professional candidate who had runs on the board as our local member and government Minister.

Tanya Davies managed to pull off the unthinkable with a slight swing towards her on the first preference votes counted so far. The state-wide swing was on towards Labor so to poll so well was not an easy feat. Voters have shown they have confidence in Mrs Davies' ability to deliver big ticket items - such as the relocation of the methadone clinic which had been a political football for many former politicians. A betting person might put a wager on Mrs Davies being rewarded with a promotion by Mr Premier.

The candidate who could possibly take out the title of the longest campaigner in local political history, Prue Car proved that hard yakka and perseverance does pay off - claiming victory for the Labor party in Londonderry. Ms Car has spent virtually every waking hour over an incredibly long period of time campaigning to earn a spot in the house of reps. If her campaign stamina is any indication, she'll be a tireless member for the Londonderry electorate.

Well done to the winners and commiserations to those who missed out.

Your thoughts?

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